sexta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2010

Dalton Rocha in "Mi Buenos Aires querido..."

Mi Buenos Aires querido... and the President Cristina Fernadez
By Dalton Rocha

Hola !!!
Que tal ?!!!
Hello my friends...
Here I Am... near "los hermanos".
Yesterday I went to take some pictures of the National Congress building in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It's a very, very nice place and it is located at the end of Avenida de Mayo at the other end of which is located the Casa Rosada, Argentina's Parliament building, house of the president of Argentine Nation...
Cristina Fernadez de kirchner, the glamorous president of Argentina, is the most beautiful female politician in the world.
And she's by far the most beautiful woman head of state in the Earth.
"CFK es bastante bella, mui hermosa", "muito linda mesmo".
The weather has been very cold, here they call it the "Santa Rosa" but things are looking good, but tomorrow the weather will be beautiful like Cristina

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